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We even want to keep the remaining 1% satisfied with clear terms and a money back guarantee.

At DesignBro we are very service-minded and understand that each project & client is unique. We will do everything we possibly can to make you fall in love with your project.
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Refund policy


First of all we would like to note that customer satisfaction is a very high priority at DesignBro. We value our customers, and want to deliver you the design you’ll love. Contact us prior to considering a refund, as we can help in almost all cases.


The Client can be given a refund in these cases:

  • If there was a disregard for the briefing by the designers (this is at DesignBro’s discretion)
  • If there were less designs submitted (including eliminated) during the design stage than paid for
  • When the client is unsatisfied with the works delivered and requests the refund to the DesignBro team no later than 5 days into the design stage


The Client forfeits any refund if:

  • Client selects a finalist
  • Client mentions to a designer they will work with designer / pick designer as a finalist / select designer as a winner
  • Client approaches the designer to work off-platform
  • Client gives a star-rating of 4 or higher to any design
  • Client has not given any feedback to any designers
  • Client has not contacted support at least once during the design stage to try to see if they can help with their particular problem
  • Client has allowed the project to timeout
  • The reason is that Client no longer has a need for the project
  • The Client launched the same project simultaneously elsewhere


All refunds are at the discretion of the Support Executive at DesignBro.

When Client opts for a money back guarantee- Client will not be able to use (in any way shape or form) any of the designs presented.

DesignBro cannot issue a refund on any NDA agreements.

DesignBro cannot issue refunds on any extra time purchased.

DesignBro charges a one-time administration fee of $20 to process the refund (this will be deducted from the receivable).


updated: December, 2019