Frequently asked questions

What is DesignBro?

DesignBro” is the world’s highest quality design crowdsourcing marketplace, focused around a selected community of leading designers. All types of business around the world use DesignBro to get top quality graphic designs for logos, packaging and branding.

Designers are vetted to deliver top quality before they can compete for business in design contests. And we only allow a limited number of unique designs in each competition so choosing between the top designs is simple.

How do I start a logo design project?

We have created a step-by-step guide on how to start your logo project, it explains in detail what to fill in, and provides you with lots of tips & tricks. You can read it here.

What is your refund policy?

99% of our clients are very happy with the work we deliver. When you don’t like a specific design, you can eliminate it, which opens the design spot for another designer. You can do this as many times as you like, as long as the project is running.

If for whatever reason you are still unhappy with the project, contact us – we can help!

If you are one of the very rare cases where we just can’t seem to make you happy, read all about our refund policy here.

I have started my logo project - now what?

We have created a guide on what to do, and how to use get the best results from your designers. It explains in detail all of the core functionalities, with lots of tips & tricks. You can read it here.

Why do you only offer a competition like project via your platform?

DesignBro has first launched with only a competition offering as it has become the industry standard for projects. We’re working hard to deliver more features to our platform, including 1:1 projects where clients and designers can work together without the contest element. Please stay tuned for our next releases!

What is a design project?

A design contest is a contest between designers to create the winning design for a client’s design brief.

Clients write a design brief, pay, start their contest and designers decide to participate and submit their design(s). Designers can’t see each others submissions.

The generic contest lasts around 7 days.

Clients give feedback to submitted designs and select up to 3 finalists. The finalists then update their designs and compete to win. All finalists receive a part of the prize money.

The client gets the design files, and full copyright to the winning design.

How do I create an account?

If you are a new client, please select a product and follow the briefing process for your project. You will be asked to register during that process.

If you are a new designer, please go to the section: Join as a designer’.

How are you different from other design platforms?

DesignBro focuses on quality, not quantity. We attract and vet only the best designers available and bring them design projects from all over the world. Also, we limit the design uploads in order to reduce clutter: a few high quality designs are sufficient to choose from – why get hundreds of designs? Our process guides clients through a short but powerful briefing tool and then allows clients and designers to interact to achieve the best design for the job.

How can I opt out of the newsletter?

If you no longer want to read our newsletter, please use the unsubscribe link in the e-mail. We’re sorry to see you go!

Why can't I work directly with one designer via DesignBro?

We are working on many new features for the DesignBro platform,and managing direct designer assignments is one of them. We don’t have a timeline yet, but why don’t you give our contest module a go?

Who owns the designs?

The copyright of a design submitted to a DesignBro contest is owned by the designer until that design is selected as the winner of the project.

When a design is selected as winning design, ownership transfer from the designer to the client happens after final acceptance. Ownership of all other submitted designs remains with their respective designers.

In case special photographs / illustrations or specific fonts are used, clients will have to purchase these components separately from the design.

What currency is used on DesignBro?

All of our prices are in USD.

How long does a project take at DesignBro?

The duration of the project depends a little on how quickly you end up deciding which designs you select. Typically, you will notice that designers will claim spots on day 1-3 and you will see your first designs being uploaded 1-2 days after you start the project.

Below you will find our maximum duration of a project: Selecting 3 Finalist designs – max 10 days (12 days for Packaging projects)

Selecting the Winning Design – max 5 days (7 days for Brand Identity projects)

Receiving final design files – max 3 days

On average, however, we notice that most projects are completely finalized within 12 days.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit card, PayPal and within Europe we also accept bank transfer. For bank transfers, please be aware that your project only starts when we have processed your payment.

Do I have to pay before starting a contest?

Yes, the contest is prepaid. But we release funds to the finalists only after your final acceptance. Once you approve all your source files and are happy with the results, we will release payment to the designer.

How many revisions can I request during a contest?

There is no limit on the number of revisions, but there is a limit on the amount of time you have before you have to take a decision.

On average, we see around 2-3 rounds of changes before a client is completely happy with the design.

Just ask your designer & I’m sure they are more than happy to help!

What files do I get when the contest is complete and I have chosen the winner?

You will be delivered all the agency standards for your design, this means you will get the ‘open’, ‘editable’ .ai or .eps files, as well as jpg and png for direct use.

If you need anything specific, don’t hesitate to ask your designer.

For Packaging design, I'm planning a whole range- can you make this?

In the standard project that you start on DesignBro, 1 SKU (stock-keeping-unit) is included, this means that if you are planning to create 10 flavors of your new soda, 1 flavor is included. If you would like the other versions to be designed as well, please contact [email protected] and we can help you out at an additional cost.

For Packaging design, will you make the shape of my pack or bottle?

We will not create the 3D packaging design. This is something your producer will do for you (and often without a charge). We design how it looks & feels once the shape is already determined.

Why are you vetting designers?

We believe we can serve both clients and designers best when we only work with top quality designers. Clients get top designs to work with, we can limit the amount of designs necessary to deliver a winner and designers are competing with real peers and can focus on a few competitions only, but with a high chance of receiving payment for the work done. Therefore we vet designer work before we allow a designer to join a contest!

Do I own the winning design?

You will own 100% of the winning design.

Why are you called DesignBro?

Our name “DesignBro” has a double meaning! First of all we see ourselves as Design Brokers. But also, DesignBro is founded by two brothers: Christiaan and PJ are brothers-in-law!