Getting Started:
Your Logo Design Project


Imagine you own a small bookstore, called Belle’s Books somewhere in Seattle. You’re ready to make a change and feel the logo is the best place to start. After some searching, you decide DesignBro is the right place for you to get your logo made. Now what?

We understand that getting a logo made can be an intimidating experience, and you might be a bit confused as to where to begin. But, luckily, DesignBro has developed an easy to use system that is sure to give you the best results. This step-by-step guide will show you the ins and outs of DesignBro to make sure you’re getting the most out of it. Sit back, and let’s get our logo project up and running!

Your Guide

Step 1: Identify the Visual Style that Fits Your Brand

We’ll begin by giving you some inspiration so our designers can get a feel of what visual style works best for your brand. Play judge by rifling through the options and singling out those that you love and those that aren’t really your thing. If you’re pretty indifferent about a logo, feel free to skip it and move on to the next. Keep in mind that the more you fill in, the more our designers have to go off on. Have fun with it and consider the options based on what you would like your brand’s logo to look like.

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Step 2: Describe Your Brand Identity

Is your brand modern or traditional? Bold or refined? Playful or serious? We want to make sure the logo we provide best represents your brand. So, play around with the scale we’ve provided to narrow down your brand identity. Our designers will make sure to take this into account when creating your logo, and your choices here will already begin to create your brand’s new identity.

Step 3: Tell Us About Your Target Audience

Who should love the logo? Tell us more about the people you’re trying to attract. Once again, use the scale to let us know whether your audience is feminine or masculine, youthful or mature, low or high income. Below the scale, don’t forget to fill in which countries you’re targeting. Our job? We’ll make sure whoever you’re seeking will love it.

Step 4: Answer Some Final Questions

Now that we’ve narrowed down the visual style you’re looking for, your brand’s identity, and the audience you’re targeting, we’re ready to tackle the brief.

Existing Design?
Begin by letting us know if you already have a design you’d like to change. Showing us what you had before, and explaining why you’re ready to leave it behind lets us know the direction you’re looking to head in. Our designers benefit from understanding what you disliked about your previous design to know what to avoid.

Names, Taglines & Slogans
Fill in the brand name as you’d like it to appear on the logo, and double check it’s exactly as you’d like it, because it’s likely to be the main feature of your logo. A tagline or slogan can be a nice addition to a logo, if this is something you would like included, fill it in!

Additional Text
We’ve all seen logos showing the year they were founded in or claims that they’re the best in the business. Once again, if this is something you’d like included in your own logo, let us know by filling in the Additional Text section.

Company Description
A company description is key in ensuring our designers understand your brand and what you do. Don’t be afraid to be loud and proud and let us know what it is that makes you special. Describe your product and how you got here. All the background you can give is sure to help our designers get a better grasp of your brand.

Ideas & Requirements
We’ve included the “Ideas or Special Requirements” section to ensure you have the opportunity to say anything else you need to say. Feel free to share ideas for the logo, express requirements, or add and clarify other aspects. Don’t be shy, as this is important for our designers to know what to do and what not to do concerning your logo.

The Competitors
Letting us see your competitors, and what you think of their design, helps us understand your position more clearly. If possible, it is a great idea to upload the logo of your competitor, share their website and rate their design. Let us know in the comments what you think about the design and where your brand stands in regards to your competitors.

The Inspiration
Similarly, sharing designs that inspire you or that you think look great will further help our designers understand what it is you’re looking for. Investing time in pinpointing some designs that you love and sharing those is sure to save you time later on in the process, as it will give our designers a clearer vision for your logo.

If you have a specific color that you would like included in the design, feel free to include that as well. Use our tool to select specific colors, or enter them using your Pantone, RGB, CMYK or HEX code manually. You can enter numerous colors. However, keep in mind that our designers are experienced and are sure to grasp which colors are best suited for the design. So, feel free to leave this up to them.

Worth It
Although this section of the process may seem long and intimidating, it is a vital part of getting the perfect logo made. Spending time on the brief will save you, and our designers, time in the later steps of the process. Try to fill it in as thoroughly as possible, and once you’re done – celebrate by clicking continue.

Found Out Enough?

Start Your Logo Design Project

Step 5: Add The Logo Design Project Details

We’re almost there! Just fill in a few last details. Give your project a fitting title and description, keeping into account that this will be the first thing our designers see. Decide on the number of designs you would like, anywhere from three to ten. Want to know more about why we chose to offer between three and ten designs? Read here. We recommend sticking between six and eight designs, to ensure you have a nice variety to pick from. If you have a discount code, remember to include it here. Finally, let us know if you need a non-disclosure agreement or extra services regarding business cards and envelopes.

Step 6: Fill In Your Billing Address & Payment Information

You’re only one step away from completing your order, and receiving the perfect logo. This is a fairly self-explanatory step, but a couple or reminders. You can pay using credit card, PayPal, or through a bank transfer. Don’t forget to select your correct country, and to enter your VAT number if you are a business customer within the European Union to avoid getting charged the VAT. Double check that everything is filled in correctly, and then click on “Complete Order” to finish up!

Step 7: Your Project Has Been Created

Congratulations! You’ve created a project that is now being looked at by our designers. Sit back and relax as they begin brainstorming how best to tackle your logo.

Examples of work

If you’ve already started a logo project and are wondering what to do next, click here for our Tips & Tricks guide to get the most out of DesignBro!