Tips & Tricks:
Your Packaging Design Project


Awesome! You started your packaging design project on DesignBro… And now what?!

On this page we tried to lay out as many useful tips & tricks possible, to ensure that you have the best possible experience with the best results!

Timing is probably the single most crucial thing to keep in mind. See below an overview of the different stages & times.

Tip 1: Tic Toc! It’s all about timing



The specialised packaging designers will start reserving spots & uploading their work. Keepin mind that packaging design can be quite intricate, so it takes the designer time to create. You can give the designers feedback for their revisions. Don’t forget to pick at least 1 finalist before this stage expireses.



You can provide more feedback to the packaging designers that you selected as finalists, just to make sure they perfect it in the exact way you like.



After lighting some fireworks, the winning designer will prepare and send you all the design files for your packaging project within 3 days.



YYou will already have the files, but you till get a chance to review them for 10 days, just to make sure you are happy & everything is there. After that you will be prompted to approve the files & review the designer.

Packaging design is a highly specialised field, and takes quite a bit more time than other design fields. This is why the first design stage takes 12 days. Keep a good eye on the clock, but we’ll send you an email by the time you should start selecting your finalists. You will see a timer next to your project in the dashboard, it will tell you the number of days (or hours) left in your stage.

Tip 2: Check Your Email

We said we will send you reminders, right? We will do that by email so please check it regularly to be up to date with what’s going on with your packaging designs. For instance, you will receive a message when a designer leaves you a note, or even better; when they upload a design for you. Don’t miss anything important- check your email!

Tip 3: Take a Look at your Designs

Our top-level and carefully selected designers will submit the number of designs that you selected and paid for when you were creating your project. To view how many designs are already uploaded, simply click on the project. Some spots say ‘Waiting for Design’, this means that a designer has reserved the spot and is busy creating a great packaging design for you. If they don’t upload a design into that spot within 48 hours, they lose the spot, which will make it available again for our pool of packaging designers.
From your project view, you can simply click on the design (or the three-dotted menu & select ‘view’).

Tip 4: Give the Designers Feedback

Once you are in the design view, don’t forget to write back to the designers & give them some constructive feedback in the direct chat on the right. Just let them know what you think By getting the professional packaging designers to understand how you would like your project to look like, they will be able to improve on it & upload new versions. Feedback is a crucial step in your packaging design project, as it influences the outcome to a very large extent. You will want to build a good relationship with the designers to get them to go the extra mile and to make sure you’re both on the same page. You can also read our article on giving designers feedback.

Short on time? Try to at least let them know how they did with a star rating.

Tip 5: Ask a Designer To Restore a Previous Design

Designers can upload multiple versions of a design, changed according to your feedback. You can only see the most recent version in large. If you preferred the old one, just let the designer know through the chat and they will take care of it.

Tip 6: Pick the Finalists

At the end of the Design Stage of your packaging design project, you must pick a minimum of 1 and a maximum of three finalists. During the finalist stage there will be additional time to continue to perfect your packaging design. Also, this might be a good moment to share the required back label text to your designer if you would like it to be included.

Here is how you pick your finalist: In the project view, select a design you like and use the three-dotted menu to ‘Select Finalists’. We will double ask if you are confident with your choice and... done! The Design Stage is finished, and you are a step closer to complete packaging design. Picking a winner is done the same way.

You can pick your winner in the same way.

Tip 7: Eliminating a Design

Ok- this happens to the best of us. You could receive a design that’s just not what you were looking for. What now? Just eliminate it. You can do this in the project view, by going the the relevant design, and selecting ‘Eliminate Work’ from the three-dotted-menu. The design will disappear, and a free spot will open again for the pool of designers. If there is enough time, you will likely receive a new design.
Keep in mind- when you eliminate a design, you are saying goodbye forever. You will never see the design again.

Tip 8: Blocking a Designer

Now- we hope this will never be used, but it can happen that you’re just really not fond of a particular designer’s work, their specific style, or you’re simply missing the ‘click’. In that case you can choose to ‘block’ the designer. You can do this through the three-dotted-menu by selecting ‘Block Designer’. This will be the last you will ever see from this designer, even for future projects. This action cannot be undone, so think twice.

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