Poster Design

  • Between 3-10 original, custom-made poster designs to choose from
  • Designs created by specialized and professional designers
  • Quality poster design offered at an affordable price
  • Money back guarantee

At DesignBro, we have a team of design experts who will be able to create the best poster for your business. With years of experience in the industry, our designers are guaranteed to deliver top-quality creative solutions for your brand.

Poster design

The design contest allows our designers to compete for your business. Our past projects have proven that this leads to original and top-quality poster design submissions. Once you select the winning poster design, the design will be fully yours and delivered to you in all necessary files.

3-10 professional designs

Pick the number of designs that you want to choose from. As designers won't be able to see each other's work, you can expect to receive.

Full copyrights & all files

The chosen winning design will be delivered to you in all necessary files. Plus, you will be able to own the full copyrights to them.

Money back guarantee

Your satisfaction will always remain as our biggest priority. Read more about our Happy Client policy to find out its terms and conditions here

How it works



Creative brief

The creative brief helps us understand your needs. We will help you write this by presenting you with inspirational poster designs, describing your business, target audience, and brand identity.



Connect with the designers

Once you have received your first poster design, you will be able to directly communicate with the designer who created it. You can provide feedback and work together to produce the best outcome for the project.



Pick a winner

First, you’ll have to pick a few designer finalists who will further work on perfecting your poster design. Afterward, you will pick a winner who will be ready to submit all the completed files to you.

Why poster

Did you know that posters have been used as a mss marketing tool since the invention of the printing press? Posters have long been implemented as a form of advertisement by many businessess. Therefore, whatever it is that you aim to promote, a great poster design will be key to your campaign's success.

To achieve the desired results, it is simply not enough that your poster is readable and concise. It must also be highly attractive and creative. With that being said, your poster's visuals will be equally as important as the content.

Creating a poster can be an easy task. However, designing one that is actually effective is another story. Poster designs can be challenging, and we are here to make your life easier.

Forget the free online poster makers. At DesignBro, we have a team of design professionals who will be able to visually translate all your needs onto a poster design. With our service, we can help you create the perfect poster for your business.

Popular types
of posters

Posters can be used for multiple purposes, either for business or personal use. However, the most common types of posters out there include:

  • Advertising posters
  • Political posters
  • Movie posters
  • Affirmation/Motivational posters
  • Event posters
  • Travel posters
  • Educational posters
  • Sales posters

Why our designers
are qualified

Our designers are freelance professionals with years of experience in the industry. We select our designers ourselves to ensure that you will be presented with only the best-quality poster designs.

Portfolio submission

All of our designers have to submit their portfolios to DesignBro, showing us a variety of their past work in brand identity and poster design.

Quality check

Our team carefully reviews each and every portfolio sent to us. Some of the criteria we focus on include quality, originality of work, and design expertise.

Only the best 5%

We only select and accept around 5% of all designers. This way, we can assure that you will be fully satisfied with the final outcome of the project.

“DesignBro is
definitely the way to go
for a high quality and
professional design.

“We at Showcase Hub felt that DesignBro's website was so easy to navigate through and extremely user friendly. The fact that we were able to see so many different designs, by so many talented artists, and for such a low price, was unbelievable. DesignBro surpassed our expectations and we would highly recommend them to anyone.”

How much will a
poster design cost?

You can buy between 3-10 poster designs. The higher the number, the bigger the choice to pick your winner from. No matter what number you go for, we guarantee professional and original work done by top-level designers only.
Most popular
Number of designs to choose from 3 5 7 10
Top quality designers
Copyright on winning design
Refund policy
Blind contest
Vector (open) files
Price $199 $304 $389 $479

Which final files
you'll recieve

We create a custom design for your poster.
These files include:
  • Open, editable design files (such as .ai, .psd, .indd)
  • Print ready pdf files
  • Jpg file to use online
  • Copyright of the design
The standard sizes are: 297 × 420 mm or 11 × 17 inch.
However, our designers will work on other sizes upon request.

Keep your project
a total secret

With our non-disclosure agreement, you will be able to keep your poster project a total secret. For just $35, your project will stay out of any Google searches. In addition, the designers will have to agree to the secrecy terms before they get chance to read your brief.

Poster design
project timings

When using our service, you will be given the choice to buy between 3-10 design choices. Simply, the more you decide to buy, the more choices you'll get to pick from. Whichever amount you decide to go for, we assure you original poster designs created by top-quality designers only.

Design Stage



You will receive your poster designs and have the opportunity to provide the designers with some feedback. They will have to chance to send updated versions of the design. By the end of this stage, you can pick a maximum of 3 finalists.

Finalist Stage



Finalists will have the opportunity to improve their initial poster design accordingly to your feedback. By the end of this stage, you must pick only one winner.

Receive files



Within 3 days, the winning designer will send you all the completed files. The files will be in the necessary formats needed for your business.

Approve files



You will have the opportunity to review the files that have been sent by the designer to ensure that everything is in order.

Questions? Check our FAQ

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What size will the poster design be?

Normally we deliver the poster design in this size: 297 × 420 mm or 11 × 17 inch.
If you would like it in another size, it’s no problem, just mention it in your briefing, and the designers will be happy to help you with that.

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How do I start my poster design project?

Just fill in our easy briefing questions and our designers will be jumping onto your project in no time.

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Which files will I receive?

You will receive open, editable files, (.ai .psd or .indd), as well as print-ready .pdf files, and a jpg to use online.

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Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes we do, we’re certain you won’t need it due to our high-quality designers, and high satisfaction rates, but you can read our clear terms.

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How long will it take to get my poster design?

Design stage: 10 days- You will receive multiple designs and select 3 finalists by the end.
Finalist stage: 5 days- You will continue to work with the 3 finalists, till you’re ready to choose a winner.
Receive files: max 3 days- The designer will upload your files & boom, you're good to go.
Good to know: you’ll still have 10 days to approve the files & ask the designer for any file changes or different files that you may need.

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Will you print my poster?

No. We will deliver a design with files that can be used to print at pretty much any printer.
Need help finding one? Just let us know on the chat in the bottom left & we’ll be happy to help.